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Q&A…The Answers, Part Deux

Sorry to break the Q&A up like this (part 1 is here), but the site redesign and a bunch of other things really crunched my time over the last few days. Here’s the second instalment of the Q&A:

Q&A…The Answers, Part 1

Looks like you all wanted to make it personal this week. That’s fine. But don’t complain when you end up hating me after this is all said and done. I’m big on personal responsibility and I will fully blame you for asking the personal questions.


So the questions got harder again this week.  Thanks for that.  There are a few softballs in there so let’s just cut to those and forget the rest.  Just kidding.  These are great exercises for us all and I love the fact that the Q&A’s are consistent with my desire to help create an environment… Read More


Looks like the questions got increasingly detailed and difficult this week.  Not sure whether to shake my fist at you guys or thank you for the challenge.  We’ll see by the end of this I guess.   So here goes…. Andrew P – I want to gauge the probability of a true bank run in the… Read More


No dating questions this week.  I am beginning to get the sense that the readership does not understand the breadth and scope of my understanding in this department.  Oh well.  Back to wonky questions about the monetary system I guess.  Here goes: brazzo:  I have a simple doubt regarding the concept of Currecy issuer vs… Read More


Thanks again for all the great questions. They seem to be getting more and more challenging which I don’t like. Maybe next week you guys can throw me a few lobs? Okay, just kidding. I’ll do my best to answer each one below:


Thanks for the great questions again this week.  I’ll try to offer some brief thoughts on each, however, I won’t disclose info on proprietary indicators so those questions are left unanswered.  Sorry, but there are just some things I can’t disclose.  My dog needs to eat after all….So here goes: Dunce Cap:  “Can you give… Read More