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A Useful Wall Street Dictionary

I just finished reading Jason Zweig’s new book “The Devil’s Financial Dictionary” and boy is it good.  If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by all the jargon used in finance and economics then this is right up your alley.  Jason offers up a witty, brilliant and most importantly, useful collection of honest definitions.  It’s a collection… Read More

Three Multi-Temporal Problems within Capitalism’s Victory

The biggest threat to capitalism is capitalists.  After all, capitalists are monopolists.  And monopolists are antithetical to broader prosperity because they give the monopolist an unfair pricing power over their consumers which often leads to social unrest. We need look no further than the recent case of Martin Shkreli to see how this plays out… Read More

Valeant and the Gambler’s Dilemma

If you’ve been paying attention to the financial media in the last few weeks you’ve probably seen the drama surrounding a company named Valeant.  In case you’ve been buried in your bunker waiting for China to blow up the global economy, here’s the short version – Valeant is a pharmaceutical company that has basically acquired… Read More

A Good Employment Report, but With Risks


Today’s Non-Farm Payrolls report was an overwhelming positive for the US economy.  Total payrolls were up 271K with 268K coming from the private sector. There was considerable strength in professional and business services which is consistent with the recent strength we’ve seen in PMI Services data. The unemployment rate was down to 5% and revisions… Read More

Today in Scary Financial Media: “Apocalypse now”

Here’s something to scare the pants off of you.  According to what seems to be a daily article in the financial media about the next financial crisis, it’s “apocalypse now”.  Go have a laugh or cry, I mean read. My thoughts: Yes, the next big crash is always right around the corner according to the… Read More